Yuma Southern Baptist Association
Friday, September 21, 2018
Working Together To Build The Kingdom
The purpose of this Vision Tour is to see some of the work that is taking place in Mexico and discover areas where we can come alongside these churches in their work.
8:00am     Leave Immanuel                                                  11:15am      Iglesia Bautista Fe Y Esperanza
                 Travel to San Luis - walk across border                11:45am     Lunch
8:45am     Pick up in Mexico                                                12:15pm     Travel to Jesus Castillo
                 Travel to Gudalupe Diaz                                        12:40pm    Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas
9:00am     Manantiel De Vida                                                1:10pm      Travel to Algodones      
9:30am     Travel to David Powers                                        2:00pm       Picked up On Border
10:00am   Church of San Luis                                               2:30pm       Return to Immanuel
10:30am   Travel to Jose Esparza